Hi, I'm


I'm the only girl in the group, but I do everything my friends do. I've known Calimero, Piero and Valeriano for years, we go to the same school and we like the same things. Calimero is my best friend and he knows how to make me feel "special".

The things I like best
I like cooking, especially baking cakes, and I like music, dancing, writing articles for the school magazine and of course I like taking part in all the adventures that involve my friends.

The things I don't really like
They are the same things that Calimero doesn't like: injustices and people who are bullies. And when someone tries to push me aside saying that I'm only a "girl".

My favourite places
The cherry tree in the park, because it's "our" secret place, mine and Calimero's, my house which is just next door to Calimero's, my beautiful bedroom and of course the Do Vinci Mill.

What people say about me
Valeriano says that I am a "good mechanic" and coming from him, it's a real compliment, Piero says that I'm "a good friend but it's best if I don't do the cooking", but he doesn't understand anything about being a chef or about nouvelle cuisine. Calimero is Calimero and he loves me as much as I love him.

My "famous" phrases
At the moment I can't think of any, but I'm not one to keep quiet for too long.

The characters of the series