Hi, I'm


My dad, Ambrogio Paperazzi, is the owner of the Paperazzi department store, the Paperazzi ice cream factory, the brand of Paperazzi cars and his great great great grandfather was the Cavalier of Belladagio, the founder of the town that bears his name. Like my mum always says, I take after him: like the Cavalier, I'm a true leader, stubborn and I always get into trouble...
The things I like most
I like playing with Calimero, Priscilla and Valeriano, who are my best friends, I like it when we all go to the Mill together, I like being the leader of the group, even though they don't always accept me as their leader. Though I'm sure I'm the tallest and strongest... or perhaps not...
The things I don't really like
I don't like being on my own, but luckily I have my friends. I don't like being in the dark and things I'm not familiar with scare me. I don't even like it when something terrible happens, as it always seems that I created the disaster in the first place. Fortunately, Calimero, Priscilla and Valeriano never blame me and help me out when I'm in trouble, they're real friends.

My favourite places
The place I like the most is Lyla's ice cream shop, then the pastry shop in the square at the top of the town and Calimero's mum's kitchen because she makes wonderful cakes. And then there's the Mill that is brilliant because we all go there together. If I were to go there on my own, I'd be scared, but only a little bit...

What people say about me
You've probably heard that I'm handsome, very good, very intelligent and courageous and ...haven't you?
Well, if you didn't know, now you do.

My "famous" phrases
Everything I like is obviously "brilliant" while what I don't like I say it's "mouldy".
Then there are other phrases I often say, but you already know which ones.

The characters of the series