Hi, I'm


You already know me a little, isn't that so? My dad's name is Gallettoni and my mum's name is Cesira and I live in Belladagio. I arrived a short while ago and I've only just begun to discover it. I've got many friends and a "very special friend" called Priscilla.

The things I like most
I like playing with my friends and, seeing as they are also my school friends, I like going to school. I like going for a walk with Priscilla, riding my bike and eating my mum's cakes for an afternoon snack.
I like going to the Mill and to the Do Vinci laboratory that is full of wonderful inventions to be discovered, together with my friends.

The things I don't really like
Injustices and people who are bullies. If I see someone acting like a bully or if something is unfair, I try in every way to resolve the situation! I may be small, but I'm very determined and nothing and no one can stop me.

My favourite places
I like my room at lot, I can look at the sky from my egg-shaped window and there's a gutter that connects Priscilla's house with mine. We use it to exchange special messages. I also like the terrace, which is where my mum grows her beautiful flowers, the big cherry tree in the park, Lyla's ice cream shop. But my favourite place is the Mill. It's my and my friends' secret hideout. It's where we discover new things everyday browsing through my great great grandfather, Do Vinci,'s many inventions. Our adventures, of challenging small and big injustices, begin starting from the Mill!

What people say about me
I don't know what they say about me, but I hope they say nice things. What do you think?

My "famous" phrase
But it's an injustice!", is a phrase I say when I see something that's not right and I automatically try to find a way of changing things. I know I'm small, like my friends, but with determination and imagination even we can do something to make the world a better place!

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