The town of Belladagio

Calimero moves to Belladagio with his mum and dad, leaving behind the town in which he was born. Belladagio is situated on a hill overlooking a beautiful lake and it has many gardens and a big park. It has three main squares: the town hall, the theatre, the department store, Paperazzi, and a statue of the founder, an ancestor of Papero Piero, overlook the square at the top of the town; the school is situated in the square that opens onto the town park and finally the little square near the lake is where Calimero and Priscilla's houses are. Not too far away, near the lake, is Papero Piero's villa.

The map of the town of Belladagio

The town, its roads, the alleys, the stairways are where the adventures of Calimero and his friends take place. It's a child-friendly town that you can easily visit on foot, by bike or on rollers.
Let's visit the places where our friends' adventures take place:

The small square

Calimero's house
Priscilla's house
Lyla's café
The cinema
The newsagent's

The park's square

The school
The park

The square at the top of the town

The town hall
Paperazzi supermarket
The statue of the Cavalier of Belladagio
The theatre

Other places

The mill
Piero's house

The places in the series