The mill

The city's old water mill. The mill wheel still works.

The mill has an orchard at the back and a garden at the front, both lovingly tended by Cesira, Calimero's mother. To one side of the building grows a majestic tree. The building has two floors, which are connected by a secret passage. The ground floor, which anyone can enter, is a real old-fashioned mill. You can still see the millstone and the gears that once made it turn, the shovels and the sacks hanging from the wooden walls, and - through the windows that look out to the river - the great millwheel.

Calimero and his friends found their way in the first time by moving one of the door panels. They set about exploring and eventually discovered a secret passage that led underground. There they discovered the workshop of Do Vinci, which would become their secret den. The workshop has bookshelves covering the upper part of the walls; to reach them you have to climb a ladder, but to get back down there is a super, spiral slide!
At floor level, there is everything you could hope to find in an inventor's workshop including, parked in the corner waiting for take-off, Canardair, Do Vinci's superspecial aeroplane.

The mill is a long way from the town. It's a ten-minute bus ride (that's how long it Cesira to reach her garden), half an hour by bike or scooter, or... just two minutes using the secret passage that leads all the way from Calimero's house to Do Vinci's workshop!

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